Dramatically improve the performance of your marketing initiatives with smart, automated, real-time and highly personalized communications to your customers.

Performatica’s Behavioral Retargeting Technology, specially designed for products and services retailers, will help you to easily achieve superior results with minimum effort.

Designed for the mobile and social customer -Engage with your customers through their preferred device and communication channel: email, display, search, mobile.

Individually personalized campaigns -Leverage all the available information (gender, order history, location, etc.) from each of your customers. Trigger the perfect message on the right timing based on customer’s behaviors like: time spent on categories, abandoned shopping carts, opened e-mails, social network/mobile app activity, among others.

Data and Analytics – Gain access to customer information on social networks. Integrate all available customer data: social, CRM, surveys, loyalty programs, etc. Apply Business Analytics and Optimization (BAO) to discover new insights, improve segmentation, optimize pricing and promotions.

A team of experts in Analytics, IT and Digital Marketing are ready to help you implement strategies, for see new opportunities, optimized your budget and achieve maximum results.


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